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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> a virginia man is free after more than a decade imprisoned. those who put him behind bars are accused of misconduct. the route is sergeant robert bales?
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those who know him paint a different picture. >> the latest on where the case stands now. announcement is expected from apple tomorrow. everything you need to know about the cherry blossom festival. >> live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 11, on your side. >> we will get started with the that is murder case sparking strong reaction. man in prison for more than a decade. >> a judge overturned michael murder conviction tonight, he is a free man. documents, allegations culpeper authorities used y convict to wrongfull of murder. hash has been released.
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after 12 years in prison, he was week when at l judge crossed out his 2001 murder conviction. >> i am glad to be home after 12 years. >> back in 1996, teenagers were elderlyof killing an culpeper county woman. given life, despite no physical evidence. never admitted guilt, back, and one. judge ruled coerced and -- testimony and inadequate defense. in the wake of the ruling, county commonwealth's attorney resigned. the judge alleged widespread police misconduct. court documents state a key witness recanted,
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e had no personal the murder and no hadon to believe hash anything to do with it. >> the culpeper investigators were feeding the details of the crime. they gave him the details. they try to convince these boys weret these involved. is allowed, iit will answer your questions. >> sure if dinkins wanted to of the story, but strongly advised not to buy prosecutor. he did defend himself and >> nothing i have ever done was unethical. nothing to hide. >> the special prosecutor has re-try michael hash.
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whoash did not kill her, didi? according to documents, and another suspect existed. >> a number of viewers are reacting to this story on our facebook page. if you would like to join the conversation, go to our facebook page. >> to the latest on the american killing 16used of afghan civilians. robert bales is in solitary confinement in fort leavenworth, kansas. hearing from more people who knew him. they say the man they knew could never have gone on this deadly shooting rampage.
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honest and her rollick, that is those who know robert describe them. >> a caring individual. >> his last conversation with the soldier accused of the killed 16page that civilians was three months ago. called him from afghanistan. when the news broke that he was y behind the vicious was beyond comprehension, he says. >> i could not believe it. i still cannot believe it. could notthat i knew it. done >> he was one of compassion and patriotism, he describes. awaiting the arrival of his attorneys, he sits in solitary confinement at fort leavenworth, prisonpossible life in penalty.ath case that could be hard
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prove because of cultural differences. no autopsies were conducted. all eyewitnesses from the afghanistan village would be required to testify in person in u.s. military court. is his mental state. >> post-traumatic stress be a mitigating circumstance. is what he believes was behind the melee. l never be the same. he is such a great person. >> the family released a statement, they are stunned in of this tragedy. bales has not been formally charged and that deadly rampage. police are looking for the person who stabbed a man inside bar overnight. it happened during a march madness party had a club called
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the library bart in northeast d.c. the 35-year-old victim was taken hospital, where he later died. a week ago today, a man was shot after police say the suspect made some homophobic slurs. monday, a game and was robbed ofeaten and at of the cap on georgia avenue. are said to be unrelated. the march is planned this at 7:00. >> mitt romney won big in puerto rico. he captured more than 50% of the vote. a distantorum was second. newt gingrich and ron paul are to the next contest. illinois holds its primary on tuesday. polls show mitt romney with a lead. >> apple is expected to make and announcement within hours.
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apple is sitting on a ton of cash, nearly $100 billion. analysts expect the company will type of dividend. that could boost apple's stock even higher. temperatures will get a bit higher later this week. >> not only are we looking at a up, we will deal with quite bit of a fog during the early- morning hours. watching us to the west, you may hear a few rumbles of founder. some storms are getting ready to move into west virginia. they will break up by the time closer towards the immediate metro area. what we have in terms of our futurecast. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies, a fraud that may limit down to a quarter of limit visibility
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quarter of a mile. >> the cherry blossom festival off in a fewcks days. most of the trees are already in full bloom. tidal basin was packed with visitors today. this week is the key week to see the cherry blossoms. >> the cherry blossom festival start untildoes not tuesday. is when the peak of the blimp is starting. starting.s check out these cherry trees out the tidal basin. today, it was a very busy day. o be all week. t man as during the same
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for his son that his mom years ago. 20 grant what is part of three generations visiting today. >> the above but from one generation to another is really great. >> few people have gone to see out thisoms come early. this woman is only cure for one weekend. is thrilled this warm gave her the chance to bloom. early this couple change their plans when they saw a report back next be too late. down here saturday morning. are bringing in extra march money for area, theyin the with headaches, too. atrocious traffic. sitting have you been in traffic? probably about an hour. >> the park service has changed o help, but itns t
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still a bumper-to-bumper. this is beautiful, just beautiful. a live look at the jefferson memorial. the national park service is recommending if you were coming down this week, do not d drive. take the metro. you might as well take the because if you do drive, park so far to have to walk as far taken the metro any way. we are live on the tidal basin. >> i took my bicycle down there today. good way to go. >> a minivan crashes into a just be away from a restaurant full of diners. >> his video has more than 80 million and views on youtube. filmmakerson the arrest and hospitalization. >> a smithso
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teacher is dead after he was ambushed in yemen today. was killed when his
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drove up next to his and opened fire. report said a group tied to al claiming responsibility. it has been the center of anti- government protests. george zimmerman called 911 times over the past year to report alleged crimes in his neighborhood. zimmerman admits he killed the old last month. he claims he shot martin in self-defense. are stills investigating. >> jason russell, who had a very meltdown, could be from a psychiatric ward in san diego. him with anot charge crime after he was seen running a public street. he directed the youtube 2012 the killing alleged crimes of a ugandan
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grill leader. >> a minivan went out of control intoafternoon and slammed building on 12th street. a daughter next door was serving customers. -- a dineraid that next door was serving customers. >> we were eating breakfast. was facing the door. it sounded like the end of the world. i had no idea what it was. it sounded like a plane taking off and crashing. firefighters freed the driver of the band. they were not seriously hurt. police are investigating why this took place. sober wright said it provided of rights forr people celebrating st. patrick's day. the goal was to make sure potentially drunk drivers did t get on the roads.
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here's number of bricks the record. provides for free rights of up to $30. >> gas prices continued to rise. nationally, the average is $3.84. in d.c., $4.80. maryland, $3.87. in virginia, $3.76. case ifon, that is the the smithsonian's exhibit. the art of video games is now open. the exhibit chronicles the 40- of video games. the exhibit runs now through september 30. >> i remember my nintendo. now it is an antique. >> are you ready for another mild week?
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>> absolutely. >> in the past 17 days, 14 have been above average. our average high temperature, 65 degrees. not so bad. we will take it. we have clouds rolling in a the west of us. to a whole amount lot. the fog could become a problem early tomorrow morning. 68 for the high today. the average for this day, 67. the record low, 13. 59 degrees currently at the airport. 047 at ocean city, only degrees. today, the high was only into the lower 50's. at 58adio looking degrees.
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temperatures off to the west of the mountains, 57 in cumberland. winchester, 59. quantico, 61. mild temperatures off to the west. chicago, and the second 80- degree day in a row. the cool air will remain to the for the next seven days. a cluster of just beginning to develop across southeastern ohio. we may see a thunderstorm, here of thunder across western maryland. the is expected to fizzle out as they move towards the east. this is our futurecast. d.c., a little of sunshine tomorrow morning. it will not amount to a whole lot. clouds will diminish visibility. we can rule out a chance for a
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few sprinkles. limited to just about 30%. is our forecast. areas of fog. to date, not so bad. 70 to 75 degrees. this, temperatures upper 70's by mid- week. coming weekend looks on settled. that is not good news for the cherry blossoms. head out this week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, there's a, friday. -- thursday, friday. expect 90's in april? >> make your predictions. thank you. >> local sports team in action today. >> let's get through march is
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what the hoyas wanted to do. jason clark only shot 24%. they are headed back kong. the caps needed to
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united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. you picked georgetown to beat north carolina state in bracket, you are not alone. jason clark was limited to only today.ts georgetown trailed by as many as 11 in the second half. simms makes a nice pass. thompsonte to go, the 3.
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less than 20 seconds to go, short. simms commits a foul. jason clark got one more chance. it is no good. georgetown this is 66-63. >> everybody data does. we believed in each other. -- everybody doubted us. we proved a lot of people wrong. whatever downs we had, loss is like today, we been a really special group. represented are institution,
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, and i am proud to be associated with these guys. was a good one. this could destroys some brackets. win.ints in unc's fractured his right rist. marshall was injured when he was fouled, but he kept playing. now his future remains unclear again. the caps are clinging to the the eastern
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conference. obviously needed another n tonight in chicago. did they get it? do i believe my eyes? yes. good to see him back in action. patrick, so good. out, 5-2.ows it the wizards at memphis. drains the 3. 97-92. the national trend the roster down to 37 players. harper was 145 today. they lost to the tigers. not just about talent. the general manager wants him to get to experience at every level.
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if the club sacrifices the first couple months of this season, he will get an extra contract out harper when he is 25. one more basketball notes. kansas and an upside. rex grossman signed a one-year e redskins this weekend. tomorrow. >> one movie has replaced
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>> the newest member of the british royal family has a big day ahead of for tomorrow. kate middleton will differ first public speech. spoken in public the day of her engagement. that was back in november of 2010. speak at a hospice for kids. yesterday, she presided over her t military. leapedjump street" has the top of the box office. it earned about $35 million in its opening weekend. >>
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we are you ready for the -- have the dragonfly's splashing in the rain. should be exciting. 71 degrees for a daytime high on tuesday. the upcoming weekend, not the prettiest. >> it is ok. turn left.
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